XLAB ID: XLAB-15-012     

CVE ID: CVE-2015-6072     

Patch Status: Fixed

Vulnerability Details:
The vulnerability relates to how Internet Explorer processes the TreeNode objects. By manipulating a document’s elements an attacker can force a TreeNode object in memory to be reused after it has been freed. An attacker can leverage this vulnerability to execute code under the context of the current process.

Disclosure Timeline:

2015/07/28 Provide vulnerability detail to Micorsoft via secure@micorsoft.com
2015/07/29 Microsoft responded that they had opend case 30726 for the issue
2015/08/05 Micorsoft responded that they had successfully reproduced the issue, and had been working on a fix
2015/09/04 Micorsoft responded that they had been working on a fix
2015/11/03 Microsoft asked how would you like to be acknowledged
2015/11/11 The issue was fiexed with MS15-112

This vulnerability was discovered by:   Kai Kang