XLAB ID: XLAB-15-021     

CVE ID: CVE-2015-8693     

Patch Status: Unfixed

Vulnerability Details:

Disclosure Timeline:

2015/10/09 Ask for an vulnerability report contact address from BitDefender via bdsupport at bitdefender.com
2015/10/09 BitDefender technical support replied with template emails
2015/10/12 Stressed the seriousness of the vulnerability to BitDenfeder technical support
2015/10/19 BitDefender requests vulnerability detail
2015/10/19 Provide vulnerability detail to BitDefender
2015/10/19 BitDefender replied with apology for delay and a 1-year license key
2015/11/23 Report vulnerability to MITRE
2015/12/28 MITRE assigned CVE-ID CVE-2015-8693

This vulnerability was discovered by:    wwq