Trend Micro Vulnerability

XLAB ID: XLAB-15-023     

CVE ID: CVE-2015-8302     

Patch Status: Fixed

Vulnerability Details:

Disclosure Timeline:

2015/10/30 Provide vulnerability detail to Trend Micro via security at
2015/10/31 Trend Micro automatic reply
2015/10/31 Trend Micro responded that they are verifying the proof of concept code
2015/11/20 Report vulnerability to MITRE
2015/11/21 MITRE assigned CVE-ID CVE-2015-8302
2015/11/25 Provide CVE-IDs to Trend Micro, asking fix progress
2015/12/02 Trend Micro responded that they are developing a fix, but no timeline is available
2015/12/09 Trend Micro responded that they have fixed the vulnerabilities, provided a hotfix for verification

This vulnerability was discovered by:    wwq